'90s Pop Songs

How much do you know about these '90s pop songs?
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I wanna really, really, really, wanna _______-__?



zigazig ah

According to Mel C, zigazig-ah is a word the five of them made up while "having a giggle".

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According to Zac Hanson, this song represents a frame of time or the futility of life, what is it called?


I Will Come To You

If Only

Two Princes

Paraphrasing Zac, "Things are limited, whether it's your youth or money - all that's going to be left are your people."

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"Losing My Religion" won the Grammy in 1991 for Best Pop Performance, who were the artists behind this song?




Pearl Jam

According to Lead Guitarist, Peter Buck, Warner Bros. didn't want the song as a single, no one thought it would succeed.

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The music in "U Can't Touch This" is sampled from "VIDA LOCA". True or False?



It's actually based on "Super Freak" by Rick James. "VIDA LOCA" came out in 2020, 10 years after this MC Hammer classic.

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This song was the only American hit for the band The Verve, what is it called?

Bitter Sweet Symphony

The Drugs Don't Work

Losing My Religion

The Last Time

The Verve released "The Drugs Don't Work" after "Bitter Sweet Symphony" and made it to #1 in the UK

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This song made it on China's Ministry of Culture's list of 100 songs to be removed from the Internet. True or false?



Banned 12 years after its release, the ministry claimed it had been released without a mandatory screening process.

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In 1991, "Good Vibrations" was the very first and most popular single released by which well-known actor?

Mark Wahlberg

Justin Timberlake

Will Smith

Donny Wahlberg

Rumor has it that Wahlberg gets very upset at the mention of his days as a rap singer or his nickname, "Marky Mark"

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The 1994 Grammy for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal goes to Boys ___ Men for "I'll Make Love To You"





Part of this song was even performed by a group of penguins in the 2006 animated film "Happy Feet"

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This is the song "My Heart Will Go On", performed by Celine Dion. What movie was it written for?


Released November 7, 1997, this song was the biggest selling single worldwide in 1998.

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This was the only US Top 40 hit for the group Chumbawamba, what is the name of this well-known single?


I Get Knocked Down

Knocked Down

Farewell To The Crown

In England, a tubthumper is a politician. In the U.S., tubthumping is equivalent to campaigning.

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TLC's "Waterfalls" won the Video Music Award for Video of the Year in 1995. Who performed back up for this track?

CeeLo Green


Bell Biv DeVoe


"I was working at the same studio because we were on the same label, and they just asked me." - CeeLo Green

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12 different writers are credited as composers on "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", but who wrote and performed the lyrics?

Will Smith

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Puff Daddy


Smith won the Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance in 1999 for this song.

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Two members of Destiny's Child sang on this track but were replaced in the music video. True or False?



LeTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett alleged they didn't even know they were out of the group until they saw the video.

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Famous for shutting down bars, "Closing Time" was written by Dan Wilson and performed by which group?


Third Eye Blind

The Wallflowers

Counting Crows

"It's all about being born and coming into the world, seeing the bright lights, cutting the cord.." - Wilson