Reptiles and Amphibians

It's a snake! No- it's a lizard! No- It's Turtleman! Well, maybe not the man part. At any rate, the cold-blooded clans can be found here.
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The water monitor is the second heaviest lizard in the world. What is the heaviest?

Komodo dragon


Water dragon

King Cobra

The komodo dragon is the heaviest lizard, weighing in at a huge 70kg on average.

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What is another name for the common iguana?

Green iguana

Mekong iguana

Red iguana

Blue iguana

The green iguana and the Lesser Antillean iguana make up the genus "Iguana".

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What types of food would a leopard gecko eat?

Waxworms and cricket

Adult mice and rats

Grass and weeds

Meat and grass

Most reptiles eat insects, though quite a few eat meat too. All kinds of worms are good for their diet,

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What is unique about Jackson's chameleon?

It has horns

They lay two eggs at once

The females are tiny

The eggs take ages to hatch

Only the males grow horns. They have three horns. It belongs to the genus Trioceros.

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What kind of frog is equipped with large suction pads at the tips of their toes?


True Frogs


Cricket Frogs

There are 13 species of treefrogs.

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Reptiles usually lay eggs that hatch outside the body. What is the term that means this?





Although most reptiles are oviparous there are some snakes and lizards that bear live young.

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What snake is known for inflating its body with air, then contracting and making a loud hissing noise?

Puff adder


Sea squab


The puff adder is the most common venomous snake in Africa,

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What is Jacobson's organ used for?

Sense of smell

Sense of sight

Sense of touch

Sense of hearing

The Jacobson's organ is present in the mouths of snakes.

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What is the largest non-oceanic reptile in North America?


Desert Iguana


Sea Turtle

It is also the loudest during mating season.

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What percent of an adult bearded dragon's diet is leafy greens and vegetables?





Ninety percent of a adult's diet is leafy greens, but 90% of a juvenile's diet is insects!