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Xbox 360

(37 votes)
10 questions

Approximately how many Xbox 360 consoles were sold worldwide?

84 million

122 million

29 million

56 million

Hard  31% got this right

Xbox 360 is the highest-selling console made by an American company.

Which Xbox 360 game is this?

Grand Theft Auto V

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Gears of War 3

Grand Theft Auto IV

64% got this right

Grand Theft Auto V sold 22.95 million copies.

Which TV station first unveiled the Xbox 360?





46% got this right


Which Xbox 360 game is this?

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Kinect Sports

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Saints Row

Easy  91% got this right

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was the first game in a new Xbox Live promotion called Arcade NEXT.

This console had a high failure rate. What was the nickname for the indicator of failure?

Red Ring of Death

0 Degrees

Spinning Wheel of Death

Uh Oh Spaghetti O

74% got this right

Due to these failures, Xbox extended the device's warranty period.

What was the highest-selling game for Xbox 360?

Kinect Adventures!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Grand Theft Auto V

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Hard  9% got this right

Kinect Adventures! sold 24 million copies.

Which accessory do you need to play this game?

Kinect motion camera

Kinect aquarium

Kinect dance mat

Kinect remote

60% got this right

Kinect Adventures! uses the Kinect motion camera and was offered as a pack-in game with the console.

Which Xbox 360 game is this?

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Battlefield 3

Gears of War

Halo 3

64% got this right

Call of Duty: Black Ops sold 14.55 million copies.

What was the launch price of the 20 GB Pro Xbox 360 package in USD?





35% got this right

The Core package was launched at $299 and the Elite package was later launched at $479.

Which Xbox 360 game is this?

Viva Piñata


Rainbow Garden

The Orange Box

46% got this right

Viva Piñata sold 1 million copies.