Intriguing inventions

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Who invented Corn Flakes?

John Harvey Kellogg

James Caleb Jackson

George W. Huflman

Lester Borchardt

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Who owns the most patents worldwide?

Shunpei Yamazaki

Donald Weder

Leonard Forbes

Paul Lapstun

Shunpei Yamazaki has been granted 2,591 United States utility patents and 9,700 worldwide patents.

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What were Alfred Fielding and Marc Shuvon trying to make when they invented bubble wrap?

3D wallpaper


A children's toy

Fashion accessories

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What did Paul Winchell, the original voice of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, invent?

The artificial heart

Multi-directional microphone

Color TV

Rubber Band

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When was the rubber band patented?





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Who invented the world wide web?

Tim Berners-Lee

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Alan Turing

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Who is known as the "father of invention"?

Thomas Edison

Alexander Graham Bell

Nikola Tesla

Benjamin Franklin

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Who said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”?

Benjamin Franklin

George Washington Carver

Thomas Edison

Hedy Lamarr

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Who developed over 300 uses for peanuts?

George Washington Carver

Dan Han

Frank Wokes

Octavio Paredes López

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What did Maria Beasley invent?

Life raft



Washing machine