Pet rabbit

A domestic or domesticated rabbit more commonly known as a pet rabbit, bunny, bun, or bunny rabbit—is a subspecies of European rabbit. A male rabbit is known as a buck, a female is a doe, and a young rabbit is a kit have fun
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How long does a rabbit live on average?

2 to 6 years

8 to 10 years

3 to 7 years

1 to 4 years

Most rabbits live about eight years. But if cared for properly they can live up to ten years. Usually house rabbits live

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Female rabbits can have a litter of bunnies at what age?

3 to 6 weeks

3 to 6 months

3 to 6 days

3 to 10 years

Rabbits can have a litter of up to ten bunnies every 31 days! But a rabbit will stop breeding if the cage gets too small

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Rabbits will chin objects to mark their territory




all of the above

Rabbits will chin just about anything with their scent glands under their chin. I

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How many beats a minute is a normal rabbit's heart beat?

45 to 65

60 to 70

130 to 325

120 to 250

An average rabbit's heart beat is 130 to 325 beats a minute. Because of this rabbits can easily die of shock if frighten

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Trimming your rabbit's claws is bad for your rabbit.




all of the above

rimming your rabbit's claws isn't bad for your rabbit at all. Letting nails grow too long causes discomfort for rabbit.

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You can spay or neuter your rabbit.




all of the above

Neutering and spaying your rabbit can help them live longer and make them less aggressive. Plus you don't have to worry

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Baby rabbits usually open their eyes at how old?

two days

five days

seven days

ten days

Newborn rabbits are naked, blind, and deaf. A rabbit will open its eyes in about ten days.

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Rabbits are in the rodent family.




all of the above

Your Answer: True The correct answer was False Rabbits may be commonly mistaken for rodents, but are not.

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A rabbit's front teeth can grow how many inches a year?

20 inches

15 inches

10 inches

5 inches

Rabbits' front teeth never stop growing. Because of this give your rabbit blocks of wood to chew.

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What type of litter can you use to line the bottom of your rabbit's litter box?


white paper

brown paper

news paper

The best thing you could buy to line your rabbit's litter box with is newspaper.