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Roller coaster Physics

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10 questions
A set of rules that run the roller-coaster

What kind of energy is in bouncing ball?

Mechanical Energy

Elastic energy

Kinetic energy Only

Potential Energy only

Hard  12% got this right

The ball is in motion so it's have mechanical energy (both K.E and P.E).

What form of energy is stored in the rubber band?

Elastic Potential energy

Rotational kinetic energy

Gravitational Energy

Kinetic Energy

65% got this right

The stretch rubber band has stored Potential Energy in it.

What form of energy of the car at start?

Kinetic Energy

Fuel Energy

Potential Energy

Stored Energy

Hard  30% got this right

The Car has Kinetic energy. The energy of motion.

The moving car goes into loop, what form of energy does it have?

Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy

K.E and P.E cancelled each other

Kinetic energy Only

Potential Energy only

62% got this right

The car has both Kinetic and Potential energies.

What happened when car reaches the top of the loop, what form energy does it has?

Both Kinetic and Potential Energy

Gravitational Potential Energy only

Maximum Potential Energy

Minimum Kinetic energy

Hard  21% got this right

The car has both Kinetic and Potential energies. Since the speed of the car is not zero.

When car exits the loop what kind of energy does it have?

Maximum Kinetic Energy

Maximum Potential Energy

Minimum Kinetic energy

Both Kinetic & Potential Energy

36% got this right

The car only has Kinetic energy due to its motion.

When car hits the block and come to stop what form of energy is not involved?

Potential Energy

Heat Energy

Kinetic Energy

Sound Energy

Hard  28% got this right

Heat and sound energy will produce in this collision and some kinetic energy is transferred to block.

In this whole experiment what physics law is conserved?

Law of Conservation of energy

Law of conservation of mass

Law of conservation of momentum

Law of conservation of speed

Hard  33% got this right

Law of conservation of energy: the amount of energy is conserved but energy changes from one form to another form.

What force is needed for circular motion?

Centripetal Force

Centrifugal Force

Normal force

Weight of the object

Hard  29% got this right

A centripetal force is a force that makes a body follow a curved path and directed inward toward the center of rotation

What kind of motion the car is in when it goes around the loop?

Circular motion

Periodic motion

Rotatory Motion

Curvilinear motion

51% got this right

Circular motion is a special case of curvilinear motion in which the radius of rotation remains constant